06 August 2009

Sound as a pound

Bugger me, not since the days of following Symposium around the country, (yes Symposium, got a problem with that?!) have I felt any sort of urge to go to Aberdeen, until now that is.
As part of this years Sound, the North Easts new-ish Festival, Chemikal Underground are having a bit of a shin-dig up at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. This very special show will feature

The Phantom Band
Emma Pollock
Aidan Moffat
Martin John Henry (ex-De Rosa)

For all of the important details just click on the links where sensible folk will have written sensible things, unlike my ramblings.....

Sound Festival

Oh and if this sounds good to anyone outwith Aberdeen, then you get there cheap as chip on Megabus and Travel Lodge are doing hotels for £30 a night, just a thought.


  1. Your links have gone weird in this and other posts :P A bunch of them have http://www.blogger.com/ in front of the actual link.

    This quite a tempting gig tho.

  2. cheers bud, they should be all fixed now

    now to work on the wife, convincing her to go to Aberdeen might not be the easiest

  3. Just tell her you are popping out for milk...

  4. doubt she'd fall for that a second time