04 August 2009

Little Rock Records celebrate their 2nd Birthday by giving us gifts?!

Until this morning I'll be honest I'd never come across Little Rock, that's no slant on their part, just my usual ignorance to things going on in my fair city. I now know that they are a "netlabel based in Glasgow, specialising in free digital download 7inches", see you learn something new every day.
In celebration of their second birthday they've put up 14 new digital download singles available to download for free, yeah that's free, mind how we like free stuff round here

Apparently this takes their back catalogue up to release number 50, not bad for a label which has only been about for two years. Each of the singles come with two tracks and some artwork. To be honest I haven't had a chance to listen to much stuff yet, just what's on their Myspace, but what I have heard I've liked. Billed as the the best of the Scottish alternative elecronica scene, their artists are pretty eclectic, covering 'disco, ambient, breakcore, jazz, techno, wonky hip-hop and more'. It's worth checking out just to find out what 'wonky hip hop' sounds like.

So go forth and feast on the these treats



Lil048 GATR / BLACKHEAD Gutterbitch / Pulling Faces

Lil047 SYCAMORE DRIVE Lifelines EP

Lil046 GREEN SHROUD Tequila Sunset / Dark & Stormy

Lil045 JAZZ VIGILANTE The Takedown / The Glue Factory

Lil044 REL$ / CHICA X Save Tha Day / Why Should I? (KlubEdit)

Lil043 EYES / TAYSIDE MENTAL HEALTH La Boum (Acoustic) / I See Hygeine Issues (KlubMixx)

Lil042 THE IDM Consonant Please Carol / Tank Tracks Shatter Footpaths

Lil041 THE EVIL EYE Carnival of Souls / They're Coming...

Lil040 TRIPPY DISCO Le Strut / Remix

Lil039 NUCLEAR FAMILY Jane Fonda (Faggots on Acid/Niallist Remixes)

LIl037 THE NIALLIST Discopia/Version Atomique

Little Rock records host a weekly radio show on Radio Magnetic
For further details go any of the following...

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  1. Happy 2 years!! Keep up the good work and be cool always!