26 August 2009

Introducing - Get Back Guinozzi!

When I think of FatCat's I tend to be pretty narrow minded, to be blatantly honest I've only ever really showed nay interest in their trio of Scottish bands. That was until I listened to the newest addition to their stable, Get Back Guinozzi!, in a word 'wow'! Summer might not have arrived North of the Border, so this dreamy summer pop might just do the trick.
The 5-piece are based between London and the South of France, they're just about to launch their debut single and they put a massive smile on my face every time that I listen to them. That's pretty much all you need to know, I could list off influences and make comparisons, but quite frankly I sometimes find that trying to pigeonhole a band just makes me less interested, so I'll leave it to you to decide. My advice would be that in the shittiest of summers they are my little ray of sunshine that makes everything feel that little bit better.

Get Back Guinozzi! launch their debut single 'Low Files Tropical' next month (the 14th to be exact), with the band's debut album, ‘Carpet Madness’, following on the 19th of October.
No UK shows have been announced as of yet, but as the saying goes, watch this space.

Have a listen to the single below, let me know if it floats your boat, if it does then go forth and spend some of those hard earned pennies here.


  1. Anonymous1/9/09

    Thanks for that, great stuff. i may well part with some pennies.


  2. Anonymous3/9/09


  3. Sherwood3/9/09

    They are playing the Freebutt, Brighton on the 22nd September alongside The Balky Mule as part of FatCat's 'Furballs' night.


  4. I would love to, but it's a bit far to travel to from Glasgow :(