28 August 2009

Introducing - The Darien Venture

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When I started this blog I really didn't know where I was going with it, and to be honest I still don't, that's half the fun I guess. One thing I never really imagined would happening was that I would actually get other people posting on here, so when I decided to let Bob loose on my 'baby' a few months back I did feel as if I was opening Pandora's Box, hey I'm still the captain of this ship, except now I am sailing this ship with the aid of some people who can actually write coherently.

The latest addition to the crew is Susie, who, if you kick about here often enough will realise that she is a fellow Frabbiteer or Bunny Boiler as my wife calls us. For a while now she's been banging on about some great new bands that i know not a lot about, so she's very kindly taken up my suggestion that she writes something for me. For her first (hopefully there will be more) post she has decided to an introduction to the Darien Venture, enjoy....

Great bands can lead to great bands. This is true of how I came to know and appreciate The Darien Venture as much as I do. Having been a fan of Trapped in Kansas since they supported Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin last September (back in the We Are days) I always on the lookout for the chance to catch them again. And in a very musical mood on March 30th, I made a last minute decision and took off from Stirling to the Captain’s Rest (the same place I would be for a fair few hours the next day as well) to see Trapped in Kansas play with The Darien Venture and Out of Samsara. I was a little aware of Darien’s music via myspace but at this gig they were amazing, the crowd loved them and so did I. I caught both Trapped in Kansas and Darien Venture again just over 2 weeks later in the same venue for their joint EP launch and by then I was a solid fan of both. And apparently I’m recognizable since at this gig both bands knew who I was.

Hailing from Ayr and made up of friends and university chums, The Darien Venture do exactly what they say on the tin (or in this case, the myspace) – “Expect volume and good times.” They will be recording their first EP in October and can only go from strength to strength. And as I say to everyone I tell about them, they have a song about Back to the Future so you really can’t go wrong.

The Darien Venture are playing The Mill @ The Oran Mor on September 24th with Atlas Skye – Free tickets are available here

And are playing Stirling University’s Union’s Transmission with Trapped in Kansas on November 12th. Free for students and non-students can be signed in (one each student). So you better find yourself a Stirling Uni student if you want to come along to what is gonna be a fun night.

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