12 July 2009

Robin Pecknold - Neumo's, Seattle WA (11/07/09)

1. Intro
2. Katie Cruel (trad)
3. False Knight on the Road (trad)
4. Silver Dagger (trad)
5. He Doesn't Know Why
6. Oliver James
7. Two Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
8. Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
9. Oh Sister (Bob Dylan)
10. Early In the Morning (B.B. King)
11. The Book of Love (the Magnetic Fields)
12. Icicle Tusk
13. Mykonos
14. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
15. Blue Spotted Tail
16. Encore Break + Requests
17. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)


Massive thanks goes out to Mr Stipe for the link


  1. this isnt working i think you just uploaded the set list and not the actual audio. hope it works. this was one of my favorite shows ever and my recording cut out after the 4th song.


  2. Hi Evan,

    I haven't uploaded all of the individual songs, just click on the download link and you'll find what you're after


  3. Anonymous13/7/09

    and a MASSIVE thanks to you too!

    bravo !!!


  4. thanks mate, although I really shouldn't be taking the credit for it

  5. when i click download it just downloads this word document type thing. any ideas what the problem is?

  6. ive clicked download and it takes me to megaupload. i download it and it comes up as a rar an i cant open it. suggestions?

  7. hey Eric

    you need to install Winrar to extract the file, as it currently compressed. You can get a free copy here http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html

    after you have installed it you should be able to extract the file and hey presto you have the tracks.

    Winrar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WinRAR

    any problems then give me a shout


  8. thanks man. i recently switched to a mac and i haven't figured everything out yet. This was an icredible concert and i wanted to be able to enjoy it again from time to time. so thanks for the tech support!