23 July 2009

Introducing - Mitchell Museum

About six months ago I succumbed to the slagging I was getting and 'upgraded' the tape player in my car to a CD player. Upon reflection this was one of the worst decisions I have ever made, mainly cause I bought a cheap piece of shit CD player that will play a song for about 20 seconds, then I'll hit a pothole and off the CD player switches. I pine for the heady days of my trusted tape player and it's ability to play albums in their entirety. WTF does this have to do with the Mitchell Museum you may well ask, well here's WTF it has to do with the Mitchell Museum, they're releasing a new single called 'Tiger Heartbeat' and it comes in MP3 format, but more excitingly it will also be sold on a limited run of 100 cassettes.

Here's the copy n past part

Following on from the success of Mitchell Museums debut single “Warning Bells” released on Vinyl and CD earlier this year, the second single features “Tiger Heartbeat” (a track from the forthcoming debut album), with a B-Side specially recorded for tape “In the Bloodwind.”

Released on the musical arm of essential boutique clothing label Electra French, the cassette is available in four colours. For those left confused and looking for the USB port, no need to worry, as each case contains a code to download the tracks as mp3 direct from the Mitchell Museum website.

If you haven't already heard MM then you're in for a treat, I first came across them after Jim at Aye Tunes starting banging on about them a couple of months ago. I am glad he did, as I am sucker for fun indie pop and they just ooze fun. Listen to their new single below and prepare yourself to succumb to a joy that has me thinking I might just dig the old casette player out and stick it back in my car.

Mitchell Museum launch the single on Saturday the 1st of August at King Tuts,
get your ticket here.

Tiger Heartbeat


  1. And I shall continue to bang on about them until they are World famous.
    Heck, the new single even has a free ZX Spectrum game, what more can you ask for?

  2. I take it you'll be in attendance next Saturday then? I fancy it, just need to persuade someone to come with us.

  3. I should be going, assuming I've got some money. Too many gigs happening over the next few weeks, not enough money for them all.