30 July 2009

Go-Away Birds - Marc Riley Session (29/07/09)

Track Listing
1. Can We Skip This Song
2. Safe Sad You
3. Highwire


Comprised of Ireland's Catherine Ireton (now of God Help the Girl fame)and Scotland's Michael John McCarthy (of Zoey Van goey fame), they play acoustic folk music. They only came to my attention because of the whole GHtG link. having recorded far too many songs for just one album, the duo have decided to release an EP for each season for the next 8 years or so. so far we are up to EP number two, which is free to download from their Homepage. If anyone has a copy of the original EP I'd love to hear it.

Go-Away Birds play the Captains Rest on the 26th of August.


  1. The first one can be gotten from the site too - http://thegoawaybirds.com/download/

  2. Thank you for this. Any chance you can post the Elephant cd they did? I believe it is out of print. If you don't have it, maybe one of your readers does?

  3. nice one Jimbo!
    Jay - I don't have a copy, I'll have a hunt though, any idea what it's called?

  4. I think it's called "In the Moon." As far as I know, it's the only record Catherine Ireton made prior to Go Away Birds and God Help the Girl. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting! I found Elephant on MySpace (w/three streaming songs): http://www.myspace.com/elephantinthemoon and at http://homepage.eircom.net/~elementsrock/the_band.html
    haven't found the CD or MP3s though - if anyone does pls ping at paul at marcum dot com - thanks!

  6. I've hunted high and low with no success, my only suggestion is to contact this independent record store in Cork Plugd Records
    might be worth a try if you wan it that much