22 July 2009

Frightened Rabbit announce new Glasgow show (start saving)

The Frabbit have announced they will be playing as part of the The Scottish Royal Variety Performance (wtf?!) on the 8th of October at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sounds good so far, in fact you may even be getting a little excited, stop right there, as here comes the sticking point, tickets are a whopping £65/75. Now I know that I like my fix of Frabbit gigs, hell I have seen them for free more times than I have had to pay, but I am not sure if I'd be willing to stump up that kind of money, even if you were to chuck in Sandi Thom and The Red Hot Chilli Pipers to the deal. If it does sound like something you'd be up for then check out the link below.

Ticket Details

Frightened Rabbit-Song Against Sex.mp3


  1. If I have to suffer Tam Cowan, Jenni Falconer & Sandi Thom I'd be wanting a discount, not a higher price.

  2. Well done them for getting chosen for it. But £65/£75 for what will be a 5-song set amongst other things that I don't want to see, I think I'm gonna give it a miss.

  3. woah! I never thought I'd see the day that you kock back a FRabbit gig!

  4. Well the last time I paid a fair amount of money for an event to see them (Live @ Lochmond '08, £50 + £20 travel there and back) it wasn't really worth it. The guys were amazing and I got to chat to them a bit but it didn't make up for the crappy event and having to wait all day to see them when all other the bands weren't that great.

    Plus in October I need money to see Editors in Leeds and I'm meant to be saving for an internship in NYC next year so I'm already over-doing my gigs (sadly only featuring one FR one).