23 June 2009

Review: Frightened Rabbit - Live at The Goat 21/6/09

I’ve never been to a gig and came away being able to say that it was almost as mobbed outside as it was inside. That was until Sunday. It was the musical equivalent of this Indian train. But anyway, other than the heat, the lack of space and the B.O. it was a great performance by the Rabbit. With Ross Clark on mandolin, they stomped their through Old, Old Fashioned to begin. Once Ross had toddled off, they continued with a selection from both Sing The Greys and Midnight Organ Fight. Sadly, there was no Square 9 but we did get to hear a new song titled Swim Until You Cant See Land (previously uploaded on here). It’s been stuck in my head since.

The main set finished with the Keep Yourself Warm, in which Scott was almost completely drowned out at times by the crowd. When I first heard Frightened Rabbit, I never thought of them as being one of those bands that would have mass sing-alongs at their gigs, but going by this showing I was completely wrong. Choruses are belted out with vigour, verses with enthusiasm and high bits with no discernable melody or fine tuning whatsoever. It often grates (the ‘it’s a choo choo train, a rocket launch’ lyric regularly requires insertion of earplugs) but sounds glorious on occasion (‘ma hole, ah’ll get ma hole!’). Following this was a one song encore of Poke, which Scott performed solo from the balcony. The perfect ending I’d say. Hopefully they’ll have some more new stuff ready for the Queens Hall in Edinburgh.

(thanks to Ghurdy for the pics)

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