26 June 2009

The Pictish Trail - Live in Brighton (Radio Reverb Session)

Track Listing
1. Hey Now Baby (Lone Pigeon/Aliens cover)
2. Afraid not boys n gals - you'll have to wait to hear this one
3. All I Own
4. Sequels
5. I Don't Know Where to Begin
6. It's Not Too Beautiful (Beta Band cover)
7. You Covered the Earth With Your Thumb
8. Winter Home Disco

apologies if the track listing is all wrong, I tried my best

Radio Reverb


  1. Thanks for posting this.
    So what was the missing track then?

    When was this broadcast?

  2. it was broadcat on a Brighton Radio show (repated on Thu mornining) the delted song is a new one that he did with Adem which I was asked to delte. I'll up it once the album/EP is out, if someone reminds me xxxxxx