25 June 2009

Introducing - Yahweh

I first came across Yahew on Under the Radars first podcast, to be honest it wasn't the kind of music that I would normally be into, but there was something that sucked me in, that and the fact that I had no idea how to actually pronounce their name (yes I know I'm a tit). But now I know how to pronounce it I am more than happy to go with it (much like when you're abroad and you don't feel confident in asking for things, thankfully though I have Nic to do that for me), anyway, as per usual I am rambling. So what are they like, well they have been heralded as being being a lo-fi Boards of Canada, but as I am a bit of an ignoramus on BoC I'll take folks word for it. The first time I listened to the album it was like I was on some kind of crazy trip, that might have been because I was drinking on my own in the back garden, but then again I like to think it was the music. There were points that reminded me of the first Reindeer Section album, for which I guess i will be the only be the only one that hears it, but hey we all take different things from what we listen to. Again I'm rambling, so probably the best thing for you to do is listen to 'Glasgow Smiles Better' below, it is a truly amazing song, love it, seriously listen to it, then please come back and tell me I'm right, either that or just tell me I'm a stupid c*** and I don't know what I'm talking about. If you like what you hear then go buy the album, you can pick it up through their Myspaz or in Avalanche, it comes in a nicely wrapped brown paper bag, so if you're a yanky doodle dandy you can liken it too booze, if you're Scottish then you might liken it buying porn ya dirty pervs that you are.

If you read all of this I apologise, there really should be a breathalyser on my PC that blocks me after a couple of drinks. Please just check them out, the albums great, unlike my writing skills.

You can catch them at the Captains Rest on the 1st of July, or even better go and see them on the 16th of July at the V Club with rather ace Apples of Energy.

Yahew - Glasgow Smiles Better

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