04 June 2009

Introducing - The Local Natives

Imagine that the last Band of Horses album wasn't shite and they had made the great album they'd threatened too, then take a touch of Vampire Weekend, a dash of some Fleet Foxes, and a sprinkling of Arcade Fire, then imagine how amazing that would be. Sounds like an indie kids wet dream doesn't it, well kids spunk yourself no more as here they are, The Local Natives.

Hailing from Silverlake in the States (I have no idea where the hell that is, sounds pretty though), they are due to release their debut single, 'Sun Hands' on shiny 7" vinyl, next month (06/07/09), which you can pre-order here. With debut album Gorilla Manor follow shortly after (don't have a date yet).

There are no signs of any Scottish dates as of yet, although you can catch them at the Borderline in London on the 16th of July, here's hoping they make the journey north.

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