01 June 2009

Introducing - Blind Pilot

If ever there was day for me to bring up Blind Pilot today would pretty much be it, it's an unbelievably sunny day in the West Coast of Scotland, and to be perfectly honest us weegies are melting, so lazy days are pretty much the order of the day.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon (actually why do we need to name what American state they're from, shouldn't I just say Portland in America? but hey I'll conform to the way the world world works), Blind Pilot are a duo who make indie folk pop, the kind of music that fits today perfectly, there is a touch of the Shins in there, perhaps even a bit of the Fleet Foxes in their melodies.
I can't quite put my finger on it, all I know is that their debut album '3 Rounds and a Sound' is rather lovely, go hunt it out.

1 comment:

  1. Great band.
    Saw them support Counting Crows a couple of weeks ago in your fair city.
    Highlight of the evening for me.

    Thanks for all the great sounds.