14 June 2009

Insider Festival Line Up

With less than two weeks to go until the start of the first ever Insider Festival, things seem to be hotting up in the Highlands, with the line up nearly finalised, the main organiser Walter Micklethwait takes us through what treats they've got in store....


"Lau have been described as a formidable union of three of the finest and most innovative exponents of moder traditional music in Scotland today. We think that probably undersells them... We are absolutely delighted to welcome, as very special guests, Kris Drever, Martin Green and Aidan O'Rourke. Together they have released two highly acclaimed albums, toured widely and received the honour of being named 'Group of the Year' at the BBC Radio2 Folk Awards... the last 2 years running!

Robin Adams.

Former cornerstone of Glasgow punk legends Sleepmode and a hairy, prolific purveyor of plucky guitar folk and poetic lyrics.

John Langan.

Winner of the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2008, John comes across as a raucous combination of Gypsy folk troubadour and the most energetic barnstorming busker you ever did hear.

The Banana Sessions.

A refreshing cocktail of incredible musicianship, good humour, cups of tea and dapper sartorial elegance. Prodigy medleys anyone?

Washington Irving.

Drawing comparisons with the likes of Belle and Sebastian, The Pogues and Arcade Fire, the Washington Irving Steamer is gathering pace and we're glad to be on board!

Sparrow and the Workshop.

Glasgow's premier Scottish/Welsh/American 3-piece, formed under the heavy fog of yeast from the Tennents Factory. Recent accolades include BBC Radio2 single of the week, and bronze in the 2008 Womens World Stone-Skimming Championships.

Ross Clark and the Scarfs Go Missing.

Enigmatic front man? Check. Thumping rhythm section? Check. Catchy, atmospheric mix of Americana stylings? Check.

Mitchell Museum.

Having progressed somewhat from early experiments in banging canisters for kicks, mitchell museum tread a heady psychedelic path that recalls the creative arc of bands like Animal Collective, Flaming Lips and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

The Storm of 83.

All the way from smoggy London (innit) The Storm of 83 play a brooding brand of rock n roll, as well as hosting their own night down south where they get awesome bands along, then nick all their good ideas. Expect tears, lightning and kick abouts in the garden.

Woodenbox and a Fistful of Fivers.

Rousing Balkan rhythms, itchy beards, checked shirts and an instrument roster that includes trumpet, sax and ukulele. What's not to love?

The Injuns present... A Dead Man's Waltz.

Inventive, theatrical and wonderfully musical, the Injuns have something special in store for us...


For those familiar with the 10 piece ska legion that is Bombskare, no introduction is necessary. For everyone else... where the hell have you been? Saturday night is skank night!

Laki Mera.

Electronic acoustic may be a contradiction in terms, but so is raw stew and we all know how good that is. Actually wait, not a good analogy. Laki Mera make some of the most beautiful electronic backed acoustic music this side of Portishead's most haunting moments.


With influences ranging from ESG and Captain Beefheart to Pythagoras and his Theorem Ensemble (very popular c500 BC), Isosceles play uplifting angular guitar pop that has earned them supporting slots with, amongst others, Franz Ferdinand.

Will Cookson.

Pastoral and delicate, Will's debut album, A Beautiful Sunday is "A beautiful collection of songs performed with a delicacy and fragility that is truy heart-warming", or so say NME. Perfect Sunday afternoon soundtracked for frazzled minds? We think so...

Adopted as Holograph.

A brand new project from ex-members of influential Glasgow band Uncle John and Whitelock with some heavy Eastern European and Country influences.

Charlie Mckerron.

A true luminary of the Scottish folk scene, whether fiddling with Celtic stalwarts Capercaillie or Session A9, Charlie is as well respected a musician as your likely to find at any party this year. And the festival is taking place practically in his back garden so he can make as much noise as he likes!

Over the Wall.

“One of the most likeable live bands you can witness in Scotland at the moment, their touching lo-fi electronic nuances give us all a reason to look to the future with a glint in our eyes.” – The Herald

Sorren Mclean.

A wonderful Highland musician who has been gathering popular and critical acclaim over the last few years, albeit in a typically Scottish 'under-the-radar' manner...


Without doubt, Glasgow's number one party DJ of choice, having supported an insane amount of world-class hip-hop and electronic acts over the years. Part of hugely influential, cutting edge Numbers crew.

Johnny Whoop!

Another stonkin' one-man-party DJ making the trip from Glasgow... If Whoop don't make your booty move, yo booty must be dead!


Bringing a refreshing splash of electronica to the proceedings, Reaz will be treating us to a very special live set, on a Boards of Canada tip... we might even persuade him to throw up some funk in the DJ bowl.

Small Tall & Bakewell

The Insiders own crack superDJ assault squad. Watch yirself."

A limited number of tickets are still available here

Insider Weekend 26th-29th June from Ali Macca on Vimeo.

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