23 June 2009

Frightened Rabbit - Live at the Glasgow Cathouse (29/02/08)

Track Listing
1. Fast Blood
2. Old Old Fashioned
3. Modern Leper
4. Be Less Rude
5. I Feel Better
6. Yawns
7. Heads Roll Off
8. Music Now
9. The Greys
10. Square 9


A massive thanks goes out to Sylvia for
sending me the link

and to the Popcop, where I pinched the picture from

1 comment:

  1. I downloaded this on holiday and finally got round to listening to it tonight. Great set.

    I have been requesting Yawns for ages and now hearing it on this makes me want to continue requesting in the hope they'll pull it out again (I know it's unlikely but I can hope. They played Snake once). It's such a good song.