11 May 2009

Zoey Van Goey - Acoustic Session from T in the Park 2008

Track Listing
1. The City is Exploding
2. We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread



  1. oh and the point of posting this today was to remind you all that their debut album comes out today, hopefully mr postie will have delivered my copy by the time that I get home

  2. Very good the album is too. I got mine off eMusic, because posties are untrustworthy bastards.

  3. never turned up, baws
    I'm not a fan of paying for downloads, I prefer to have something tanggible to show at the end of the day. Good to hear it's sounding good though. Should hopefully be getting this and the new Idlewild album sometime this week.If the Royal Mail is so kind as to deliver it...