05 May 2009

Malkie Beaten One Off

I know it can't just be me, but for years a I always viewed Edinburgh as being Glasgow's poor cousin when it came to all things musically, however, within the last couple of years it really does feel as if our neighbours to the east have raised their game somewhat (some might even say that Edinburgh has nicked Glasgow's crown, thoughts?!). Maybe I just wasn't aware of it, but it really does feel as if there is something of a 'scene' building up in the Capital, with bands like Broken Records and Meursault, various club nights and the highly influential Song By Toad blog.
The newest addition to add to this list would have to be 'Off the Beaten Tracks' a new website that ha cropped up to help promote new and established artists by getting them to 'record acoustic sessions in places you’d not normally see them.'
So far they have sessions by 'Come on Gang' and 'Team Turnip' posted up, and now they have just posted this session by 'Malcolm Middleton ' from this years Homegame, enjoy.

For even more Malcolm Middleton Homegame video's check Song By Toad on Vimeo

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