19 May 2009

King Creosote - Vic Galloway Session (18/05/09)

Track Listing

1. Nothing rings true
2. Curtain craft
3. Pale Shelter (Tears For Fears cover)

Links removed by request - sorry folks


  1. Eek! Would it be okay to take these down? There's a possibility of some of these tracks being used for B-Sides.

    Hope you understand!

    pictish trail x

  2. no probs mate, is that going to be the same for the Marc Riley Session tonight?

  3. quite possibly! i'll let you know though! cheers dude - really appreciate yer help :)

    pt xx

  4. nice one PT, I'll record them but not post them until I get the nod.
    Was well chuffed to see you're supporting Mr Middleton next month, yer spoiling us weegies in June
    Lloyd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. PT - I have worked out a way to embed the MP3's without them being available to download, just a listening function. Am I cool to post it up? x