26 April 2009

No more leaks

Pretty much as the title suggests, from now on I will not be posting albums on this blog. In the past few months I have had a fair few requests for me to remove various posts, which has made me reconsider what it was I set out to do with this blog, which was basically to introduce new music to my friends and hopefully some other folk might start reading it too. The biggest problem was it all grew a bit out control and now I find myself thinking that I am doing more harm than good to the bands that I love and want to share with you all. That is not to say that I plan to give this blog up all together, I still plan to feature things like the recorded live sessions, bootlegs, introducing new bands and just posting any newsworthy posts about gigs and the like.

I hope you'll continue to follow my blog as I will continue to work pretty hard at it, if you were only really wanting albums then that's fair enough I can't really argue with that.
I am going to start deleting all of my old posts which contain links to albums, time to start out a fresh.


Lloyd (aka Peenko)


  1. It's probably fair to say you were walking a fine line but your site has introduced me to some fine music I hadn't been able to find elsewhere. I hope you continue to promote Scottish bands (albeit without leaks) - you can't have too many Scottish music blogs.

    The Pop Cop

  2. cheers PC, that means alot mate, I'm gonna stick with it, just going to have to work twice as hard at it now.