15 April 2009

Introducing - Sparrow and the Workshop

Sparrow and the Workshop are a Scottish/Welsh/American 3-piece from Glasgow, formed in the dew of January 2008, under the heavy fog of yeast from the Tennents Factory.

They play a stripped-down drumkit, a crashbox, a very white bass, a smallish acoustic guitar, a mellow yellow electric slide guitar and occasionally an old french violin alongside boy/girl vocal duets.

Sparrow and the Workshop release their debut single 'Devil Song' on May the 11th on Distiller Records.

Toad Session
Vic Galloway Session

Sparrow and the Workshop will launch their debut single with a gig at the Captains Rest on the 14th of May

Edit - For once I even managed to beat the Guardian to it, by one whole day! linkage

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