29 April 2009

Introducing - Over the Wall

I have postponed posting about this band so many times now that I am starting to get annoyed with myself for not having done so already. My first reason was that I wanted to see them live before I said anything, unfortunately I have missed them so many times that I though it about time that I actually just get something out there. OtW came to my attention after reading about them on Line of Best, towards the end of last year, the gushing review got me somewhat excited and to be fair to the reviewer they pretty much had it spot on. Fusing a blend of Scottish indie rock with a splice of euphoric folky pop (does that sound right? probably not, but then again it might make more sense if you give them a listen), the band have just re-released their debut EP after the initial copies sold out. You can catch the duo supporting Baulky Mule at the Captains Rest on the 10th of May followed by a slot at the Stag & Dagger Festival on the 23rd, I really hope I catch them at one of these nights....

Over The Wall are Gav Prentice of old steel town Bathgate and Ben Hillman of old seaside town Bridlington, who met in Glasgow in 2002 and have been inflicting their relationship on others through the medium of euphoric pop music using keyboards, laptop beats, guitars, mandolins, trumpets, cowbells, harmonicas, hurdy gurdys and kazoos since 2006. In 2007 they were selected from 1200 unsigned entrants to play at T in the Park's 'T Break' stage and in 2008 from 800 entrants to play at The End of The Road Festival in Dorset. This year, on 17th November, also marks the release of their debut E.P. 'The Rise and Fall of Over The Wall' on Motive Sounds Records and some recognition from the likes of Radio 1, 6Music, Xfm, Radio Yorkshire and best of all Sunny Govan. The List said that they lack "broad appeal" and it has been suggested that they should ditch the funny electronic gadgets, get a drummer and a bass player, behave themselves onstage and be in a proper band like everyone else. They enjoy wandering around the country playing to small numbers of dedicated dancers and confirmed barside watchers alike.

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