29 April 2009

Hinterland News

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Bad News: Unfortunately due to their drummer having a "broken ankle" DEROSA have cancelled all their forthcoming shows including their opening slot at Hinterland on Thursday.

Bad News: COLORAMA have unfortunately cancelled their show at The Flying Duck on Friday due to their drummer having recurring back problems. They said "We have been really looking forward for months to playing Glasgow for the first time. But this is an unavoidable situation for us and we regret any inconvenience this has caused"

What does this tell you about drumming as an occupation kiddies?

More Bad News: EUROPEAN UNION have cancelled their Hinterland show at Stereo for "personal reasons"

However it's not all bad. It just means we are giving you two chances to catch some of the bands who are playing on Friday as well, first up:

Good News: THESE MONSTERS have risen to the challenge and will now be opening The Arches on Thursday

More Good News: Main support to The Fall on Thursday night will be FOXFACE

Even More Good News: Arguably Glasgow's sweetest... ahem we mean cool and aloof bands FANGS are not only opening The Art School on Thursday but will also be opening Stereo on Friday!

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  1. That "broken ankle" bit makes it sound like they don't quite believe De Rosa doesn't it?