27 April 2009

Discover excellent new bands for not a lot of pennies

I came across this a couple of days ago after it was featured on the Scotsman's rather good 'Under the Radar' page, basically it's a compilation of live recordings from various up and coming Scottish bands, recorded at the Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms as part of their Limbo Club Night.
You'll find all the details and important facts if you click on the link below, the point I want to highlight, is that it's a bargain £6.30 (incl. P&P) if you order before the 1st of May.

Copies are limited to a run of 750
Buy it here

here's what's on it
1) Zoey Van Goey - City Is Exploding
2) FOUND - When You Fall
3) Punch & The Apostles - Asylum
4) Meursault - Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues
5) Sparrow & The Workshop - Last Chance
6) Isosceles - Get Your Hands Off
7) Over The Wall - A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984
8) A-lix - Never Grow
9) Cancel The Astronauts - Slow Dance At The Disco
10) Thieves In Suits - Clockwork
11) Come On Gang! - Spinning Room
12) Kid Canaveral - Second Time Around
13) Haight-Ashbury - Favourite Song
14) Night Noise Team - Menolick


  1. Saw a bit about this somewhere the other day too. Looks good, shame me & Paypal hate each other!

  2. aye I plan to order it tomorrow (pay day), I think it'll be in the shops eventually though. I'll let you know what I think when I get it through

  3. Hey, glad you like the Under the Radar blog. Yes this Limbo compilation is excellent, can't recommend it (or their night) highly enough.


    Nick / Scotsman.com

  4. Hey Nick,

    yeah man your blog is class, only came across it a couple fo weeks ago, already I've found loads of new stuff that I hadn't heard of. Ordered the album this morning (payday), doubt I'd make it to the club night being on the West Coast I am too lazy to make the trip