02 April 2009

Butcher Boy present Enrico Cocozza's Chick's Day (14/06/09)

Having recently played in a bowling Club on the Southside of Glasgow, Butcher Boy have announced yet a another show which is just that little bit different, this time they'll be playing at the GFT in Glasgow, playing their latest album, 'React or Die' (the one I was creaming myself over the other day) and in addition they will also be performing the score to the film Chicks Day.

Here's the blurb:-

Enrico Cocozza (1921 - 1997) was a filmmaker born out of time, a Scots-Italian David Lynch who left a body of work as hilarious and eccentric as it was frightening and stylish. His 1951 film Chick's Day is true cinema - a fable of bruised Wishaw skies, delinquency and murder that caused considerable controversy on its release. Butcher Boy are fans, and will perform an original score to the film before playing a set from their second LP React Or Die, recently released on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label.

Here's what John has to say about the show:
"The GFT is my favourite place in Glasgow. It's the best place to meet, to hide, to see movies, to read, to drink coffee. I've seen almost all of my favourite films there - and the GFT has played a huge part in them becoming my favourite films. "Enrico Cocozza's movies portray a Scotland that's more familiar and genuine to me than the world depicted by other, more lauded Scottish filmmakers. His films can be violent and genuinely shocking, but they are also often laugh-out-loud funny - and they excel in depicting the specific combination of brutality and poetry that exists on the west coast. "Writing and performing a score for Chick's Day will be a challenge for the band, but it's a challenge we're relishing. The film is wonderful but Cocozza himself is an inspiring figure - and someone we want to pay tribute to as beautifully as we can." The programme also features Cocozza's classic short Smart Boy Wanted, and is introduced by critic Mitch Miller. Tickets are £6/£4.50 (concs.) and are available in advance online (www.gft.org.uk), by phone (0141 332 6535) or in person from the GFT box office.


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