16 April 2009

Blast From The Past : Josephine

Josephine were a Glasgow based band who formed back in 2000, who were signed to the now defunct Lithium Records. They comprised of three boys and a girl, the best way to describe them would be a combination of The Fall and Pavement, check out their single 'This is not an exit', below. Sadly the band split a few years back, however you bass player Roz Davies now fronts Miss The Occupier.



  1. Gosh I LOVED Josephine! It was really hard to track down this album but I found it a couple of years ago and snapped it up right away. Nice to come across another fan!

  2. with you on that one, this was a royal pain in the bum to track down, I cna't find it for sale anywhere online. Thankfully the drummer works in my office, so I managed to blag a copy off him