28 April 2009

Arty Party

At a loose end tomorrow night? then why not get yourself down to Mono to check out an exhibition by the lovely Jenny Soep. If you have no idea who she is then let me explain, Jenny can sometimes be spotted at gigs drawing away, capturing the live experience in her own unique way. Check out some of her pictures here

Anyway, in build up to the start of the Hinterland Festival, Jenny will be showcasing her works at Mono from 6pm, with the added bonus of some live music, details of which can be found below (here's the cop n paste bit)

'That's right folks, this little expo is gonna be a darned sight more exciting than previously thought:

A Multimedia Event indeed!! Great music by RM Hubbert, Opening by Alan Bissett, both are being drawn during their performances with the images projected nearby, all the while being surrounded by a very select collection of drawings of some of the most exciting and memorable gigs and musicians Jenny's experienced, including:
Bjork, David Byrne, Crystal Castles, Arab Strap, Jeff Lewis & The Junkyard, Edwyn Collins' Come Back Gig, Mogwai, Melt Banana w. Dananananaykroyd - ooh! ooh! ooh! and there's a fair bit more! VJ-ing and animatory magic by Mr Garry Whitton.

It's all in conjunction with Hinterland Festival where Jenny will be 'resident drawer' at a few carefully chosen gigs. Sponsored by Hinterland and Red Bull. Nice one!!

And if you're feeling flush, support the artist by buying a very nice print/greetings card/artist book/catalogue - massive discount for one night only!!! Entertainment plus bargains in one night - Good Golly!!!

Here's the important stuff:-

Host: Jenny Soep, Mono, and Hinterland
Type: Music/arts - Exhibit
Start Time: 29 April 2009 at 18:00
End Time: 29 May 2009 at 20:00
Location: Mono
Street: 10 King St
Town/City: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Phone: 01415532400
Email: info@jennysoep.com

Jenny's Blog
Jenny's Homepage

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