19 March 2009

Vile Vile Vile

'The Sunday Express which recently ran a front page 'scoop' in its Scottish edition which amounted to nothing more than an outrageous character assassination on the kids who survived the Dunblane massacre - now 18 - which involved an Express journalist raiding their personal Facebook/Bebo pages for photos and reports of them doing what every 18 year old does - drinking, partying etc etc - and then accusing them of disrespecting those who died in the schoolroom shooting.

It was pretty low journalism, even by the Express's standards, but the growing outraged response to the piece has had very little coverage outside the blogosphere, possibly because the Express's rivals are aware that they too are increasingly reliant on scandal and outrage based stories to boost their flagging circulations and that, with budgets slashed, and proper investigations into real scandals far too expensive to undertake, the hyping of such non-stories based almost exclusively on web research is becoming more common.

Still, few have stooped as low as this Express story. Key players in the blogosphere are mounting a campaign to demonstrate their disapproval of this kind of journalism, and comedy writer Graham Linehan outlines that campaign here' - CMU Mailout

Please check out the link, then sign the petition here
Some retribution has been served here

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