04 March 2009

Projekt A-Ko album coming soon...(it's called Yoyodyne)

Having only rabbled on about Urusei Yatsura few weeks back, now it'#s time to mention that there new incarnation Project A-ko are ste to release their debut album 'Yoyodyne'. For the measly sum of £10 (+p&p) over on their Myspace


"If Projekt A-KO's sound seems strangely familiar, it might have something to do with them being formed from the ashes of cult 90s Scottish lo-fi outfit Urusei Yatsura.

Their music retains the same slanted charm as ever, and Here Comes New Challenger! is a prime example: quietly addictive, stacked up with harsh guitars and a ramshackle mess of a finale, it recalls Sonic Youth, a kooky hint of Pavement, a dash of The Pixies and perhaps a dash of Velvet Underground to boot. The song itself another nice taster for the forthcoming debut album due later in the year." (BBC Berkshire 11.02.08)"

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