25 March 2009

Malcolm Middleton gets in touch with his feminine side

With his new album now in the can, but the release date not being until June, 'Malkie' seems to be getting a bit bored kicking about the house all day. For him this may well be a bad thing as he's at a bit of a loss as to what to do with himself, thankfully for us it's all good as he's decided to try his hand at a couple of cover versions, the topic he has just chosen to cover is "My Favourite Modern Girl-Band Pop Songs" and here are his first attempts, "Issues" by The Saturdays and "Call The Shots" by Girls Aloud. These songs are free to download from his webpage, so if you like what you hear, you know where to go.

Also, you can now follow his adventures on twitter, you can hear exciting stories, like how he went to feed the ducks in the park, but forgot to take any bread....


MM has the following dates coming up:

April 19th - Fence Homegame, Anstruther
June 26th - Tolbooth TheatreStirling
June 27th - Outsider Festival, Cairngorms National Park
August 22nd - Sounds In The Grounds, Stornoway

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