24 March 2009

The Leisure Society - The Sleeper

I only came across the Leisure Society a couple of days ago after reading about them on Planet Sound (9/10 no less), I've only managed one listen through so far, but I'm already hooked. Here's that PS review that got me intrigued, defo a contender for album of the year.

Initially a band featuring Shane Meadows, mainman Nick Hemming scores Meadows' films. With singer Christian Hardy, he's finally made an album.

Championed by Guy Garvey, their music drops mandolins, banjo, pedal steel and choirs into beguiling, simple but passionate songs with Hardy's voice as clear and bright as God's spotlight.

As moving as Elbow, as stirring as The Delgados, it's wholly magical.

The Leisure Society play the Classic Grand in Glasgow on April the 10th, but tickets here

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