11 March 2009

Introducing - That's the Spirit

Way back in October of last year Line of Best Fit wrote a gushing review of 'That's the Spirit's debut album 'Staying Places', at the time I searched high and low for the album online to no avail. Then nearly ordered it from Canada (where they're from), then as with most new sparkly things that catch my eye it was soon forgotten. That was until one day i was flicking through some Myspace post and there was an offer of a free copy of the album, free P&P and no questions asked, needless to say as a man who likes his freebies i jumped at the chance, and was very kindly sent a copy, all the way across the pond no less. My only regret was that i hadn't actually invested some hard cash and bought this album when it first came out, as the LoBF reviews were pretty much spot on. now how would I describe them? feck knows I'm mince at that kind of thing, my usual thing is to write something like indie pop, but that's a bit of a cop out, all i know is that i really love this album and I hope that you do too. Listen on their Myspace, realise that it's great, then download the album and admit that you were chuffed that i let you in on the act.

Try it
Line of Best Fit


****STOP PRESS***** As I was getting the link for their Myspace, i just spotted that they will be in Scotland in May, woo the fecking hoo, that's cracking news. They'll be playing Glasgow on the 11th of May and the 13th & 14th in Edinburgh, not sure where yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

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