31 March 2009

Introducing - Sexy Kids

From the ashes the Royal We who decided to split on the day that their debut album was released, comes the Sexy kids who continue to produce fun indie pop that is virtually impossible to google information on without losing your job. They recently released their debut single 'Sisters Are Forever', on Slumberland Records, which Pitchfork described as being "… an overwhelming victory."

Demo - Track Listing
1. Sisters are forever
2. In a box in a bag
3. You don't know me yet
4. Measured pleasures
5. Drown me
6. Hey little child
7. Measured pleasures (glass queen version)


Sisters are Forever
Buy their debut single


  1. Good wee band, but a pain in the arse to type into a search engine.

  2. alright starnger, how's tricks mate? not spoken to you in ages

  3. I'm not bad ta, bit fed up with being a jobless bum now though, the pay is shite! Keep going awol, need to force myself to get back to posting on me blog, but that involves coherent thought and stuff.