23 March 2009

Introducing - Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Seattle five-piece Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band created buzz for themselves with homemade PSAs they streamed on their MySpace back when they had no music to distribute. Turned out people took notice, including Current TV and Seattle newsweekly The Stranger, who fueled the band's impending hype with lengthy features and segments. Once the band finally played their first show this past July, the inevitable hype-reality ratio was shattered, proving that these cats are the real deal. Oh, and let's not forget: they boast a 13-year-old drummer who's also the brother of lead singer and adopted by him and his wife (also in the band).

All confusing family lineage aside, these guys were eventually noticed by producer Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective) who produced their Weepy EP as well as their forthcoming eponymous debut due out March 10th on Dead Oceans. "Anchors Dropped" is our first taste of the band, and boy, there is some seriously interesting stuff going on here. The urgent vocals, the harmonizing guitar riffs, the playful interludes, the clamorous build. Yet, refreshingly all these compelling elements blend in a cohesive manner, making us excited and intrigued for what comes next.

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Weepy EP

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