19 March 2009

Blast From The Past : Chi - Sincerity is a Boy Called Del

I think this will be perhaps the one and only time that i manage to blog about something that isn't already out there, so I best make it good (doubt it though), so who were 'Chi' then? Well as far as the Internet seems to say, they never existed, or at least i can't find anything, even with my amazing powers of hunting. I think they were originally called Chicane, but had to change their name after threatening lawsuits from the dance band with the same name. They were a three piece, who hailed from Edinburgh (I think), there's a bit of punk and pop in there, but it's hard to pigeon hole them as there so many different influences in there. I saw them a couple of times back in the heady days of 1998,supporting both Idlewild and China Drum, both times they really impressed me, sadly though they never really caught on and soon vanished off my radar, never to be seen again. I like to think of them sunning it up somewhere in California, or perhaps they are serving you fries in Mackers, who knows.
Anyway, check out 'Afterburners' (below), the opening track which builds up to a screaming crescendo, then switches gear again into a catchy guitar melody, pure class. Have a listen and see what you think.

PS this album reminds me of a guy a I went to uni with, who me and my mate Jamie befriended, unfortunately we couldn't understand him too well, so we didn't actually manage to work out his name until second year. So that's a whole year of being friends with the guy, yet not knowing his name, i think he sussed us in the end, probably why we haven't seen him in years. Oh yeah and his name was Chi!

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