06 February 2009

Passion Pit - WOXY Session

Now that i find myself repeatedly listening to PP's 'Chunk of Change' EP, I have been looking to see what else I can found out there. So far I have come up with this live Session for WOXY.
Here's the blurb

"Passion Pit's "Chunk Of Change" EP began in the heart & mind of Michael Angelakos as a love letter to his girlfriend at the time. A belated Valentine's Day gift, he never anticipated that anybody would ever really hear it except for a small circle of friends.

Flash forward to 2008 when "Sleepyhead" catapulted his musical endeavors into the welcoming arms of the frequently fickle blogosphere. By this point, Passion Pit was fleshed out into a full band and the EP was given a proper release in September.

Almost done with recording of a full-length album, the guys dropped in to our studios during a brief winter tour to play a set of tunes and catch us up on their whirlwind journey."

Track Listing
Better Things
I've Got Your Number
- interview -
Live To Tell The Tale



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