24 February 2009

Blast from the Past (part 3) The Reindeer Section - Son of an Evil Reindeer

Reindeer Section were a Scottish super-group assembled by Gary Lightbody of the Snow Patrol , who got together members of various Scottish bands including, Arab Strap, Belle And Sebastian, Mogwai, Astrid, Idlewild, Snow Patrol, Mull Historical Society, Alfie (yes i know they're not Scottish), teenage Fanclub and the Vaselines, to name but a few. Their first album, Y'all Get Scared Now Ya Hear (2001), was received enthusiastically by the press, despite the fact that each song was vastly different than the standards of the original bands. The 'super-group' released their second album, , 'Son of Evil Reindeer on Bright Star Recordings, 2002, featuring one my all time favourite songs, 'Cartwheels'. The band's last gig to date was on the 14th of December 2002 at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow, and an amazing gig it was too.

It was soon after this that Snow Patrol were signed up and then came 'Run' and off Snow Patrol soared into arenas and million selling albums. So will we ever see another 'Section album personally I doubt it, Gary is too busy with his day job these days. Although in an interview with Planet Sound last year he did leave the carrot dangling.
"If we could do one in the same spirit of the first two, I'd love to do a third record. I'd want the same cast of 27 people involved - 27 is a big enough number. The trouble is, I don't get to Glasgow much now, so I can't do much arm-twisting any more."'
Planet Sound

Try it
Y'all Get Scared Now Ya Hear

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