22 January 2009

Introducing - Wintersleep (UK tour and album)

Wintersleep - Welcome To The Night Sky
'Wintersleep recently received the Juno Award for Best Group after the release of this, their third album. 'Welcome To The Night Sky' is certainly deserving of this accolade, and will hopefully elevate the band to greater success. In part, it sounds like a mixture of songs from the first four Snow Patrol albums and there are times when this feels like a compilation charting the evolution of Snow Patrol, such is the likeness; Paul Murphy's vocals would fit perfectly over tracks like 'Run' or 'Chasing Cars'. The band also take cues from early masters of shoegaze and epic indie, retracing the steps of Pavement and Mogwai to reach a sound comparable to Broken Social Scene, adding their own unique pop spin. Stand out tracks include the melancholy, organ-driven 'Weighty Ghosts' and the funky shoegaze of opener 'Drunk On Aluminium'. Although not entirely original, 'Welcome To The Night Sky' performs well and is consistent enough to keep its audience's interest. SJS'

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10th BIRMINGHAM – Bar Academy
11TH CARDIFF - Barfly
12TH DUBLIN – Academy 2
13TH BELFAST – Auntie Annie’s
15TH LEEDS - Faversham
17TH MANCHESTER - Roadhouse
18TH LONDON – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

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