09 January 2009

Spotify a new way to enjoy music?

A new online music service called Spotify is offering free music from thousands of renowned artists' back catalogues.

At a cost of nothing, users of
Spotify.com can legally listen to tracks by everyone from The Rolling Stones to Radiohead and Glasvegas.

Spotify's interface and usability is based heavily on iTunes, with users being able to search for their favourite artists in the programme, create and share playlists, and scrobble listened songs to their Last.FM account.

Although songs on the service are streamed, playback is instant and users can listen to tracks on their computer as many times as they want.

Despite not having an option letting users transfer tracks to their MP3 players, torrentfreak.com reports that Spotify programmers haven't ruled this out for the future.

Users can listen to artists' legally on the service because 'Spotify' has signed licensing deals with a range of record companies, including Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, EMI Music, Warner Music Group, Merlin and The Orchard.

Currently, potential users have three choices if they want to become a member of Spotify. Day passes, giving users 24-hour access, are available to buy from spotify.com for 99p, while a premium account costs £9.99 per month.

Alternatively, current members can send invites to others allowing them to use the service for free.
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