27 January 2009

The Phantom Band play instore (Glasgow-centric)

Witht he release of their quite wonderful debut this week, the Phantom band are promoting their album by playing an instore at Fopp in Glasgow this Wednesday, details below.

"Glasgow Instore @ FOPP, 19 Union Street. For those of you who find yourself in or around Glasgow city centre this wednesday, try to be in Union Street's FOPP for 5pm when The Phantom Band will be performing a full live set before signing copies of their album. Never having played an instore before, they're all a bit nervous that no-one will turn up so we're relying on you kind souls to dispel their fears in a mushroom cloud of unrestrained enthusiasm. In other Phantom Band news, work has begun on the limited edition 7" vinyl version of The Howling and it's all rather exciting because the artwork is being inked by none other than comic book uber-artist Frank Quitely (All Star Superman), and while we're in a name-dropping mood, we might as well mention that a video for The Howling is currently in the planning stages with directing duties being taken up by the Booker Prize winning author of 'Vernon God Little', DBC Pierre. Now that's pretty cool in our humble opinion..."


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