22 January 2009

New Music Networking Site

Last week we got Spotify to play with, this week we get rivmixx to play with, details below:-

"A new online service for music people and music fans has launched aiming to give artists the facility to profile themselves in more sophisticated ways, fans the ability to navigate all the content by setting up their own personal magazine, and industry people the tools to network with each other. Called Rivvmix, it's a bit like MySpace, Facebook and Linked-In combined, with some original music editorial thrown into the mix too.

The industry networking component is perhaps most interesting, as it pulls together a range of digital tools used by music people into one place, including 300MB file transfer and business to business instant messaging. Artists and producers, meanwhile, can include lots more information about themselves than most artist profile sites allow, and are encouraged to embed players from other social networks and download stores.

Commenting on the new service, co-founder Danny McMillan told CMU: "[Co-founder] Steve Travell and I wanted to create something that could be more focused towards the music industry and their fans. We liked elements of other online music networks but nothing quite hit the mark and was tailored enough to be a all-in-one solution. Also, we thought we could offer a different approach - as it seems most start ups seem to be tech heavy with an interest in music rather actually coming from the music industry".

Have fun www.rivmixx.com

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  1. actually I have had a look at it now, looks pretty mince at the moment