16 January 2009

Introducing - The Burns Unit

As I am off to see Roddy Woomble and Co. support the Burns Unit tonight, I thought it might be an idea to check out some of their material. Originally brought together as part of the Burnsong collective, which saw various musicians holed up in a cottage for a week to see what they came up with.

The Burns Unit are Emma Pollock (vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, piano), Future Pilot AKA (bass, electronics), Karine Polwart (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, shruti box), Kim Edgar (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, accordion, organ), King Creosote (vocals, acoustic guitar, accordion, keyboards), Mattie Foulds (drums, percussion), MC Soom T (vocals) & Michael Johnston (vocals, piano, accordion, percussion).

They are currently unsigned, but we should expect an album to come out at some point this year, until then you can download some live versions of their songs below.

1. Holy City
2. Helpless to Turn
3. Sinful
4. Future Pilot AKC


The Burns Unit play the ABC tonight (Friday)
Doors 7pm.
Drever McCusker and Woomble 7.30pm
The Burns Unit 8.30pm

See a video of the Burns Unit in rehearsals here


  1. Anonymous17/1/09

    Great stuff. Thanks. Love KC and whole fence collective. How about a KC discography in all his guises?
    Thanks again

  2. that's a tough challenge, I'll see what I can do, although I'm not holding out much hope