12 December 2008

Frightened Rabbit - It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop


"Frightened Rabbit this month won the coveted no 1 spot of The Skinny's album of the year. The band released 'The Midnight Organ Fight' this year to rave reviews including this 8.5 review from pitchfork - "Midnight Organ Fight is full of rousing barnburners that flicker with soul, ballads that ache with masculine vulnerability, and Frightened Rabbit's best song yet, opener "The Modern Leper". Built on insistently downstroked guitars and drums that build from a gallop to a thundering crash, this Pixies-go-acoustic track swells with self-loathing." Now a four piece band with the recently recruited Andy Monaghan, Frightened Rabbit are able to play many more songs from their new album, they would previously have struggled to fill out instrumentally.

See Frightened Rabbit at The Captain's Rest - 31st March 2009 for their final show on this album."


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