07 November 2008

Two new 1990's tunes

With a new album well on its way, we should be seeing a new 1990's album some time next year, hurrah! Here's what Jackie had to say in his myspaz blog (anyone else reckon he looks like a buck toothed Steve Lurpack?)

"This evening I managed to put up a coupla demos we did earlier in the year. Don't really wanna spoil the surprise of the new album (February or March i guess, more news later) but we've been playing VONDELPARK and THE BOX for aeons now so might as well put up a version of them. They were recorded at ARC practice rooms just south of the river in Glasgow then vocals and mixing were completed in my bedroom in Pollokshields. I'm not very good at technical stuff. All the needles end up in RED. But the recordings have charm and I hope you like em."

1. The Box
2. Vondelpark

Download here

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