03 November 2008

Introducing We Were Promised Jetpacks

A couple of day back I brought you a band with possibly the worst name ever, in order to balance things up a little I thought it'd be a good idea to mention one of the best named bands ever!
Hailing from Edinburgh, but based in Glasgow, WWPJ are the latest act to be taken under the (Mac)FatCat umbrella, could they be THE band of 2009, following on from their peers Twilight Sad (2007) & Frightened Rabbit (2008).
These guys are barely of out of their teens, they looks like public school boys, yet I personally rate them pretty highly, its hard to pigeon hole their music, as many of their songs sound quite different, but some influences that come to mind would be Interpol & Frightened Rabbit
Check out 'Tiny Little Voices' one of the songs of the year!
  1. Let's Call This A Map
  2. Roll Up Your Sleeves (live)
  3. Ships With Holes Will Sink
  4. Moving Clocks Run Slow
  5. Quiet Little Voices
Download Here

"So, that name. How did it originate? "It was actually from a Ricky Gervais podcast," says Palmer. "The original quote was 'we were promised hovercrafts'. But we thought jetpacks sounded cooler."

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  1. I agree, great band name. just wanted to show a bit of solidarity for your blog!