21 November 2008

how you can be involved in the new Idlewild album

In quite a novel approach the 'wild are looking to involve their fans in the making of their new album, (details below) sounds like a great idea to me...

"Idlewild are pleased to announce plans for our forthcoming new studio album with an opportunity for our fans to be involved from an early stage. We will be in the studio for the first few months of 2009 and plan a conventional album release in the summer but, for a limited time, we would like to offer our fans a chance to be involved from the beginning by pre-ordering a special edition album along with plenty of extras. This offer is available world-wide so that finally fans overseas will have the chance to hear our music at the same time as everyone in the UK and before any general release.

Here's how it works:
By going to idlewildmusic.com you will get details on how to pre-order and what you will receive.
These include a limited edition CD album (with free download version) in exclusive packaging & including at least one bonus track. This will be shipped within weeks of completion & before any standard release.
You can get your name to appear in the CD booklet with the album and on a roll-call on the web site.
Access to download 15 free tracks from live recordings at the King Tuts "album by album" shows In December '08 & access to a members only section of the web site with album progress updates, exclusive photo and video content from the recording and preproduction process with diaries/blogs by individual band members and lots more.
Signing up will also automatically enter you into draws for special prizes.

Why are we doing this?
After 11 years of recording and releasing records within the constraints of the record industry we now fee that the time is right and the technology exists for us to deal more quickly and directly with the fans. It also allows us total control of our music and will ultimately mean that should you choose to get involved you will hear our music as soon as it is available.
Although the album will have a more traditional release some time later in 2009 we hope you will support us in our efforts to try something new and choose to pre-order the album now."

To Pre-order or just find out more, click here


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