13 November 2008

Gig Art

I am not sure if its just cause i am getting older and I'm of an age now when sticking a poster of my favourite band up on the wall just seems a bit immature or studenty, I guess its just getting old.
For some reason though I can't quite let go, and have now started to look out 'gig art', basically posters that have been specially designed for that gig, something that a designer has spent time lovingly creating, not just your bog standard photo-shop effort that promoters plaster all over the shop. I think once framed they can look pretty damn good, and I'll happily admit that I have them decorated all over my house (still clinging to my youth!). The one thing that I do find strange is that the majority of these designs come from the US of A, I can't quite understand why this is. Especially in these times when merchandise sales are helping to make up for all of that lost revenue from illegal downloaders (not that I am arguing against downloading in any way), but I am sure that there are plenty more folk out there who would be interested in taking home some form of art work that will act as reminder of a great gig they once went to
One promoter that I think could look to go down this route would be the Tennants Mututal guys & gals, with their ability to put on one-off gigs, surely there is a market there.
Its no as if they would need to do much, just speak to a designer to come up with a design and split the profits, or even get themselves up the Art School and get some students to design them, giving them something for their portfolio and in turn getting a design for very little money.
Anyway, that's just my thoughts on the matter, probably brought as I would like to stop having to pay a premium to order posters for American shows that I've never been to....

Insound Posters
Push Posters

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