11 November 2008

Fleet Foxes - ABC Glasgow 09/11/08

Fleet Foxes album of the year contenders without a shadow of a doubt, but how do they cut it live, well after seeing them in San Francisco a couple of months ago.
I have to hand it to them those boys have something special, last time I saw them it was in a gorgeous setting with beautiful sunshine, this time it was a wet Saturday night in Glasgow the setting was little bit different...
I got there half way through the support act J. Tillman who is actually the drummer in FF's, he seemed to be going down pretty well, managing to hold the attention of a sold out ABC on a Saturday night is hardly the easiest, but he seemed to go down pretty well.

As for the Fleet Foxes, they were just f*cking awesome! Even after spending about ten minutes of fannying about on stage before they started, the audience waited quietly, there was no heckling, almost as if they knew they were going to witness something pretty damn special, and they weren't disappointed.

Day Trotter Session
1. Drops in the River
2. Sun It Rises
3. White Winter Hymnal
4. Sun Giant


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