07 November 2008

Best Act Ever!!!!!

Picture it Glasgow, 1987, an 8 year old boy (let's call him...er Floyd) walks into Woolies in Shawlands to buy his first ever single. Clutching the 7" tight to his body (ooer-missus) he runs home to play his newly prized treasure. That single I am proud to announce was Rick Astley - Together Forever! Something which whenever I bring it up brings about much laughter and abuse, well friends you may well have mocked me then, but how silly do you feel now.
Last night the legend that is Rick Astley picked up an award for the Best Act Ever at some MTV awards thing in Scouseland. Do you see, do you see now what a visionary I was and still am?!
So next time you mock me for bigging up some new band as being the best thing since slice bread, think back to 1987 when I picked up on artist who would go on to be the GREATEST ACT EVER!


"I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you"

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