05 November 2008

Annual Top Ten Lists

First off I must admit that I do enjoy reading some magazines Top 10/20/50 albums of the year, quite often there are certain albums that might have passed me by, gone under the radar or I've just plain old ignored them for one reason or the other. the one list that does genuinely excite me is Planet Sounds annual list (that'll be the Teletext music page for all those that don't get to be in charge of the remote), over the years they have turned me on to loads of good stuff that I might have missed, Modest Mouse being the main band that springs to mind. Unfortunately their budget has just been cut quite drastically, so I am apprehensive as to whether they'll be quite as many interesting new things cropping up this year.

One pointless list which crops up every year is the NME Cool List, first off I stopped reading the NME a good few years back when it became the equivalent of a musical version of Heat magazine. Plus I was sick of reading about over hyped mince, a la the Libertines, et al.
Anyway, back to my point surely to be 'cool' you don't need to be on a fecking list, surely this takes all the 'cool' out of it. Secondly who compiles this list? a bunch of geeky music journalists who are simply looking to jump on the next big thing bandwagon. Pah! load of pish!

Here is the list in case you care

1. Alice Glass, Crystal Castles
2. Jay-Z
3. Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT
4. Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys/The Last Shadow Puppets
5: Sam Dust, Late Of The Pier
6. Ladyhawke
7. Caleb Followill, Kings Of Leon
8. MIA
9. Liam Gallagher, Oasis
10. Caroline McKay, Glasvegas
11. Pink Eyes, Fucked Up
12. Guy Garvey, Elbow
13. Lil Wayne
14. Dave Sitek, TV On The Radio
15. Johnny Marr, The Cribs
16. Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend
17. Santogold
18. Ed MacFarlane, Friendly Fires
19. Florence Welch, Florence And The Machine
20. Dev Hynes, Lightspeed Champion

I must admit that i haven't heard of a few of the folk on there, but seriously is there any need to continue to suck up Liam Gallacher's arse, Alex Turner wow what a surprise that was and seriously the bird from Glasvegas?! have you seen her she looks like she's about 50, had four kids and lives in Easterhouse (check here).
Seriously did they just listen to some primary school kids arguing, "Liam Gallacher's cooler than Girls Aloud, etc"

And I haven't even started on the back slapping, arse tonguing, anal fisting get together that is the Q Awards....


  1. seamus tried to snog her

  2. why did this not surprise me?! the shame of being KB'd by that munter, oh the shame